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The UK Paranormal Society is a registered charity, here to guide and support the public, heritage locations, and the paranormal field.


Our purpose is to help protect the public and heritage locations from misinformation, malpractice, and exploitation relating to the paranormal. We do this by providing a freely accessible resource of reliable, factual, unbiased information and guidance; encouraging good ethical standards; and promoting scientific research into the paranormal.


Ultimately, our charity’s vision is:

“A paranormal field that progresses research whilst promoting good ethical standards, protecting the vulnerable, and preserving our history and heritage.”

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Latest additions and updates:

Listed below are the latest additions and updates to our website. This section will be updated whenever a new article or feature is added.

Find out more about the UK Paranormal Society:

About Us

Find out more about our charity, including our purpose, history, founding members, structure, and vision for the future.


Have questions about the UK Paranormal Society? Please check out our FAQs, which may provide the answer.

Core Values

The principles of the UK Paranormal Society are based on six core values. Find out what they are and what they mean to us.

Guidance we provide:

Our website provides reliable, factual, unbiased information and guidance for the public, heritage locations, and paranormal practitioners. The guidance on our website is split into the following three categories:

General Guidance

This section provides information and guidance for all. It includes guidance for the public relating to the paranormal, and information about research into the potential causes of phenomena.

Locations Guidance

This section provides information and guidance specifically for heritage locations. It provides guidance on subjects such as keeping a venue safe when hiring it out for paranormal investigations and events.

Practitioner Guidance

This section provides information and guidance for paranormal practitioners about staying safe, legal, and ethical, i.e. ghost hunters, paranormal investigators, event hosts, psychics, mediums, etc.

To access the guidance, please use the menu at the top of the page and choose your preferred category.


We will be adding to the information and guidance in these sections over the coming weeks and months. If there is guidance you would like to see included, please email us at: editor@ukparanormalsociety.org

What else you can find on our website:

Paranormal Timeline

Our paranormal timeline is an interactive page that takes you on a 2,000-year journey, highlighting the most significant and influential events within the history of the paranormal relating to the UK.

Get Involved and Help Us

The UK Paranormal Society needs your help! If you'd like to get involved by promoting our work, writing for our website, or becoming a regular volunteer or trustee, we would love to hear from you.

Donate to the Society

We are a registered charity funded entirely by donations. Find out here how you can help support us directly or via AmazonSmile. We are incredibly grateful for even the smallest of donations received.

As we grow and develop the UK Paranormal Society, we will add additional features to this site. If you have ideas or suggestions of what you would like to see on our website, please email us at: editor@ukparanormalsociety.org

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